Artificial QA

Across sectors and business domains, digital transformation comes with an increasingly competitive environment. The trends towards customer obsession combined with the expected speed to market and complexity of complete IT-and business integration force companies to deliver top quality services every second. Quality of IT has become a key differentiating factor. It represents a major risk to performance and competitiveness if the quality of IT isn’t secured since this can lead to very high costs and a loss of market shares.

In addition user experiences and applications are being created through the production technology of PaaS Services, which refer to text- and speech processing like for instance Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant or similar. Developers now have a large number of different tools and frameworks at their disposal which enable processing of huge amounts of data much easier and more efficient than ever before. In addition, new tools and frameworks keep emerging. With the help of these possibilities, operators are able to implement predictive analysis. This enables making decisions based on analysed historic patterns more efficient than ever before. The algorithms are able, based on real-time data, to show the operators a possible trend or pattern development. Developing an application on system with these AI seasoned algorithms makes Quality Assurance and Data Management a task that is more advanced than ever before, with completely new issues, that have to be solved. Highly advanced, new and innovative technologies will also mean completely new types of risks that have to be identified.

Starkkraft technologies will support your implementation with our professional expertise and modern methods of software quality assurance. It is our goal to increase your performance by finding patterns in historic data, identifying hidden risks and unique chances to increase the accuracy of prognosis, but also to capture patterns of interaction and to promote data-driven project management and product development.

We would like to give you a detailed overview of our portfolio in the following sections:

Accessibility Testing

IOT Quality

Cognitive Testing


Create confidence that your websites and / or applications are compatible


Compliance with accessibility guidelines (e.g., Web Accessibility. Content Guidelines (WCAG), BS8878 (Accessibility Code of Conduct) and Equality Act 2010, including government and GDS guidelines. This service can be provided via public, private or hybrid cloud platforms.

 Our services include:

  • Conformance testing of the website against internal and external applications and websites;
  • Test planning: Agree on guidelines scripting language, templates, scope and priority of the resource plan, and training of resources, and creation of test scripts and associated reviews;
  • Test execution: Tuning report formats and testing the execution plan for test scripts, as well as creating resource plan and onboarding resources. This includes executing test scripts and logging results, raising errors, and reporting.
  • Leading tools in service:
    • JAWS – Job Access with Speech – The most frequently used screen reader
    • ZoomText – The most frequently used screen magnifier
    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking – Market Leading Speech Recognition Tools
    • WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool)
    • Tenon
    • We also have experience with numerous other input devices used worldwide.
    • Adapted to your needs: Via a secure cloud as a service or within a solution behind the firewall
  • Worldwide experience with accessibility


Some business benefits of this service are as follows:

  • Compliance with basic accessibility guidelines
  • On-demand via the cloud to overcome resource constraints
  • Removes a complex activity from your test process so that you can continue with BAU.
  • Suitable for traditional waterfall and agile methods

IoT Quality

Enterprises are approaching a completely new type of challenges nowadays – it’s not only about efficiency and pricing war, currently many organizations are struggling to re-invent themselves, co-existing in a world of digital disruption and new technologies. Companies, in order to thrive, realize the need of investing in innovations to help grow and improve their businesses even more.

One of the areas of disruption, growing bigger year after year, is implementation of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The idea of small interconnected devices communicating themselves with each other, exchanging information has been around for a while now. Going even further, if those small devices were to undertake action based on the exchanged information, we can already speak about some form of artificial intelligence. So what has changed? Put simple – the adoption of the technology has massively accelerated, as well within the consumer market as in the industrial market (via Industry 4.0). Medium-sized businesses had realized the amount of savings, which can be secured due to automation of mundane, very often officially regulated matters – think of employees performing manual checks of the temperature where food is involved (due to HACCP) or having to stop production line for couple of minutes due to a machine or sensor failure. Managing those risks might become automated and more efficient – imagine installing an temperature sensor that will simply perform the chilling checks of stored food supplies or different kinds of sensors monitoring production machines and alarming service in case of anomalies (think – predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0).

Starkkraft is able to support your IoT project development and implementation in all life cycle phases – from strategy conception, through initiation and implementation, up to roll-out and change management, finishing with post go-live support and training, let alone the Quality and Testing subjects. Starkkraft is able to secure the success of your IoT project by entering different project’s phases. Considering the success of the project, especially in the matters of automation of processes and flows, the quality is extremely important. Once the idea is out of conception and taken into development, proper quality management, quality assurance and digital testing are subject that you should not spare on. Starkkraft’s experts are ready to support execution of the project and securing the quality by test automation – making testing of functional, as well as non-functional requirements more efficient and more sustainable than ever before.


Leverage machine learning, AI, and NLP for future-proof Testing and QA

Cognitive Testing is a new class of testing that leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and other cognitive computing technique. Cognitive testing uses heuristics to predict defects and to measure system performance and optimize the test coverage based on assessed risk. The key principle behind cognitive testing is the ability of the system to access and analyze large volumes of data (both structured and unstructured). The system also applies machine learning to extract context-sensitive intelligence from the analyzed data and use it to predict future behavior. All kinds of applications i.e. Cloud based, IoT, Mainframe, Database, Mobile, etc. can benefit from cognitive testing techniques.

With Cognitive QA we enable our clients to achieve accelerated and optimized quality, by using an intelligent approach to QA. We inject intelligent, self-learning and analytical technologies that enable transparent visualization, smart analytics, intelligent automation, and cognitive remediation of quality of products and services. Starkkraft enables smart quality decision making on factual project data, actual usage patterns and user feedback and also helps clients deliver quality with speed in a complex and connected world at optimized cost-forms.


Some of the Top features of our services include:

  • Automated Test Case Selection & Prioritization: Automated regression test bed selection, Test Prioritization, and Failure prediction using log analyzers and test relevance analysis.
  • Test coverage optimization based on smart data analysis: Compare product module patterns in production vis-à-vis test coverage. Helps bridge the gap in test coverage. We can optimize and align test sets based on real application usage.
  • Determine how much testing is enough: Assess release readiness and provide a decision on halting regression and provide a risk index of product released to production.
    Self-correcting/updating test suites: Retire the obsolete test cases and code fixes in the pipeline. We have an Intelligent QA Dashboard for Predictive Quality Metrics and reporting of metrics such as cost of defect, resource utilization, etc. The feature also includes automated generation of test scripts.
  • QA platform: an integrated testing platform that leverages cognitive computing for providing a single view workflow management for all testing activities, with a 360-degree view of all the integrated and related services. The platform is built upon a self-monitoring and self-correcting cognitive system and has the capability to analyse inputs from multiple data feeds in the testing ecosystem and take necessary action based on cognitive analysis.


Some Business benefits of this service is as follows:

  • Use historical data to optimize testing and increase defect detection
  • Foresee critical issues, reduce reaction times and automate resolution
  • Use real-time feedback to learn and respond to change faster
  • Improved quality using self-learning algorithms
  • Faster time to market by significant reduction in efforts with complete E2E test coverage
  • Scientific approach for defect localization, aiding early feedback with unattended execution
  • Increase in Traceability by identifying dead test cases for changed or redundant requirement. Identifies complex scenarios from the requirements traceability matrix and extract keywords to achieve test coverage



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