Functional QA

By executing Functional testing Starkkraft verifies that a piece of software is providing the same output as required by the end-user or business.  This involves evaluating and comparing software functions with the business requirements. Also, with functional testing, we check the software or of a system or application for usability, by for instance ensuring that the navigational functions are working as required.

Functional testing techniques can require and include various approaches as there are smoke testing, white box testing, black box testing, unit testing and for instance user acceptance testing. All in all the functional test is a key process leading to trusted quality assurance of software products.

With our effective and efficient functional sector specific testing methodology executed by Frankfurt’s best trained and experienced quality and test engineers, Starkkraft provides you an increased quality, reduced risks and saves financial resources and thus secures and speeds up the time to market.

Starkkraft Technologies offers a complete and integrated service with a consequent focus on the function test the implementation of the following tests:

  • correctness and completeness of documentation;
  • Usability;
  • consistency with business-, functional- and technical requirements;

We are testing your applications with the help of a well structured proceeding based on the ISTQB®-Standard whereas focussing on your specific requirements. Our Quality and Test engineers possess a broad knowledge spectrum and sound knowledge of independent testing tools. Because of our experience we are able to counsel you professionally regarding the functional tests and to ideally meet your requirements.  They are trained T-Shaped engineers with their speciality in QA and testing, but also understanding business processes, infrastructure and development. By this they can work better integrated with the development teams and provide better feedback on quick solving of any errors or issues

Beside the functional tests we can give you advise when it comes to the optimisation of your tests with the help of highly specialised tools. Starkkraft approach is it to cope with every challenge, both expected and unexpected, and to find the best possible way for a effectively and result-oriented improvement of the test processes in the functional test.

Test Management

Quality Engineering

(Agile) Quality Factory

Test Management

In the IT domain, the classical and the agile test management both do matter. Today, test management has become so relevant for the adherence and securing of industry standards, that it can be viewed as an independent subproject. Test management allows project managers to influence and depict the quality of a software at any given point of time during the specific program, project or application life cycle. Within the test management discipline all incoming quality assurance functions are being planned, directed and processed. Starkkraft Technologies display the complete software development, and application life cycle in the form of adjusted services (especially test management), depending on client and business domain.

Starkkraft helps you to build and realise the test management including the quality goals of a project or a company as such. We are aware of the strategic meaning of test management and we know that it needs to intervene on operational level and coordinate regarding the specific relevant requirements. Therefore, we offer to build a classic test management in which we can take care of the operative control of the entire test team, regardless of onsite presence or on-, near or far shore activities. We are familiar with quality KPI’s like accomplished test coverage, quantity of discovered errors vs. eliminated errors, cost savings, speed to market and the duration of the removal of critical errors.

The conceptual work leading to the test strategy and test conception is logically also a part of test management. For this we use all available documents and information and develop a test strategy in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders. Based on this, a test concept is being created and the foundation for the operational test team is being build.

The classical test concept might be increasingly replaced in agile projects, nevertheless the test management and the known test management structures will remain. They still exist in the form of test case deduction standards or the structured presentation of documents and information. In securing quality goals in an agile environment, test management functions like test planning, release, communication and controlling are important. The (agile) test concept is frequently being arranged on a high level of abstraction.

The Starkkraft test managers support their customers, out of a solid understanding of business processes and objectives, in the mentioned software development phases and the software development models. They benefit from their extensive experience deriving out of various business areas and IT technologies. They are true specialists and the best Frankfurt has to offer.

Quality Engineering

As a discipline of engineering, software testing isn’t based, unlike other classical disciplines, on natural laws, which have been discovered by scientists. Software development is only based on the laws of logic and mathematics and requires a steady control and regularly quality evaluation. Our software testing team supports you with the goal to guarantee the quality of results. This requires an examination of the quality of management and also operation. When for example internal software work is being undertaken with external providers, a detailed examination of software quality assurance procedures is necessary. Starkkraft provides experienced experts in the domain of software quality assurance, specialism, who possess deep knowledge concerning the management of providers and agreements. The quality of a relationship between two partners is a complex concept, but also the key to the success of a project.


Starkkraft knows that quality goals and their respective requirements can be reached by adequate preparation and a solid selection of best suitable cooperative process. Numerous protagonists need to be integrated in the process of software testing and quality engineering. In this context, we function as an interface in order to ensure the highest quality of results that’s possible.


The current and future digital transformation of companies and the linked further development of IT-systems make sure that quality engineers comprehend quality assuring tasks not only referring to the application itself, but also referring their partners on the hardware side of engineers. During this process, we are always aware of our objective to sensitize stakeholders to minimizing errors and risks through undertaking a thorough risk assessment with the aim to contribute to our customers in an eligible way.

(Agile) Quality Factory

No matter if it’s called Quality Factory, Test Factory or Managed Services, for different reasons like cost savings, focus on core business, improved quality and time to market, they all have the goal to outsource software quality assurance into competent hands.

All incoming tasks in line with quality assurance like the determination and documentation of information and requirements, but also the execution of structured testings, test strategies and test reports are part of classic and agile software development methods.

In our agile quality factory, we offer the execution and handling of the complete agile unit (E2E). We’re specialized to become acquainted with existing structures, to adjust to them and to work together with other agile and hybrid teams/structures effectively and efficiently.

Our goal is the adherence and the realization of concerted quality standards in the form of SLAs. Our motto is: “What can not be measured, can not be managed”. Correspondent to this motto, we seek to modulate and to implement KPIs together with all the relevant stakeholders. In the agile world real time KPIs, formatted in dashboards, are extremely meaningful in order to react fast.

In these processes, we use our extensive and long standing experience concerning build-up and launch of test factories. Combined with our knowledge about test management and test automation tools (like HP, ALM, Jira, Selenium, Sikuli, SeeTest, JMeter or Appium), we are verifiable able to continuously realize a process of optimization.

Our experienced test automation architects and test atomizers rate the possibilities of the automation of requirements and test cases early and prioritize them in coordination with the stakeholders. It’s our goal to achieve a high rate of automation and a deeper insight in the software quality in order to take action in a purposeful and sustainable way.

Our clients are being informed about the current state of affairs regarding test case coverage and the extent and criticality of defects via tool based reports.



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