Technical QA

Starkkraft’s Technical QA services focuses on reviewing the approach, standards and frameworks of a project and its ability to successfully deliver the required solutions. The Starkkraft experts come with a strong technical background and are able to oversee high-level technical roll outs or go-lives on daily bases. Our services contains a potent combination that harnesses deep knowledge and real time application quality information to give you a reliable assurance.

Accordingly to relevant standards, technical documents are being checked regarding their compatibility.

Starkkraft Technologies offers integrated and with a consequent focus on the technical quality assurance the implementation of the following tests:

  • System and integration test
  • Last- and performance test
  • Selection and installation of test tools
  • Implementation of test frameworks
  • Test data preparation and test automation

We are testing your applications with the help of a proven and well structured proceeding whereas focussing on your specific requirements. Our employees possess a broad knowledge spectrum and sound knowledge of the most current, innovative testing tools. Because of our experience we are able to counsel you professionally regarding the selection of testing tools and to ideally meet your requirements.

Beside the functional tests we can give you advise when it comes to the optimisation of your tests with the help of highly specialised tools. Our goal is it to cope with every challenge and to find a convenient way for an effectively and a result-oriented improvement of the test processes.
We would like to give you a detailed overview of our portfolio in the following sections:

Test Automation

Automated System Integration

Agile Quality Factory

Big Data Quality

Test Automation

Starkkraft is specialised in the development of individual and sector specific test automation solutions and the evaluation and selection of automation tools for your company. With the help of test automation, faster tests with higher quality scores can be performed.
The test automation market offers a broad spectrum of tools, technologies, components and services that together form the critical elements for automated testing. It contains tools for static code analysis, function tests, last- and performance tests, the tests of the different application interfaces up to the automated functional and functional tests. Test. Automation is not limited to test execution only, but can also be used for test case creation, test data generation, test evaluation or test environment creation and recovery.

Starkkraft supports you in planning preparing and executing sustainable test automation projects. From the design phase onwards, our team of experts will work with you to secure the most sensible and effective use of test automation. UOur team of test automation experts have profound software testing skills and very good knowledge of the various programming languages that are indispensable for the use of test automation tools. These also includes other development aspects such as the definition and content of programming guidelines, annotation, structuring, modularisation, and reuse as well as documentation of the code.


Some of the most important features of our consulting and development services are:

  • Communicate basic knowledge of test automation.
  • Analysis of the current test processes with regard to test automation.
  • Creation of a plan for the test automation project.
  • Implementation of a tool evaluation and preparation of a status and results reporting.
  • Identify multiple automation tools, open source or commercial solutions for further evaluation and selection.
  • Development of test cases for automation.
  • Execution of a feasibility study.
  • Implementation of the selected automation solution.
  • Teaching or providing Automation courses, onsite or online.
  • Support for the maintenance of scripts
  • Building the structure of the automation environment
  • Test Automation Management and Coordination
  • Streamlining of the automated development process through continuous integration.
  • Specific own development convergent or hybrid test automation solutions.
  • Automated learning and de-learning of machine learning solutions.
  • Automation solution for test data generation.
  • Cloud based test automation.
  • Individual test automation solution for IPTV and Smart TV


With the support of the Starkkraft team, you can fully exploit the potential for test automation. No matter how far you have come with the introduction in your company, you will receive exactly the right professional support from us. Test automation can offer the following benefits, among others:

  • Reduction of costs and shortened test run times.
  • Improved regression test coverage.
  • Free up resources typically reserved for recurring test tasks for other value-adding activities.
  • Improved resource utilisation (since tests can be performed at any time).
  • An end-to-end testing process, especially when the effort for test automation is associated with continuous integration effort.

Automated Systems Integration

Our clients challenges in the domain of Automated Systems Integration are by nature complex. The  automation of different systems or increments is mainly in focus. Test cases and functional/non-functional system integration tests are automated modularly in order to be able to test the system integration subsequently as a whole. Ideally without interfering manually into build-structures.

Automated System Integration has become an essential part of software development. The necessity to support faster product introductions with higher quality keeps raising the need for powerful tools like Selenium and Jenkins for the automation of functional and non-functional tests. Our services in the domain of Automated System Integration include different aspects, for example we evaluate providers. Next to that we implement complete and integrated solutions in order to support help the application owner in modernizing the software development and making the best matching choice out off the abundance of available test automation tools. Our Quality Automation Engineers are experienced in both the usage of the tools as well as in the various specific business domain landscapes and therefore best equipped to decide which tools suit typical requirements best.

The test automation market offers tools, technologies, components and services Together they build the essential elements for automated testing. Tools for statistic code analysis include function tests, last and performance tests, tests of the different application interfaces and automated functional tests. Automation is not  only limited to test execution, it’s also very much relevant for test case building, test data generation, test evaluation and test surrounding (re)creation.

Starkkraft supports you with the complete planning of test automation projects. In collaboration with you, our team of experts realizes the best possible ideas to optimise or create the expedient use of test automation and suitable concepts. Our Quality Automation Engineers possess extensive software testing skills and deep knowledge of diverse and relevant computer languages, Indispensable capabilities for successful use of test automation tools. This also includes other development aspects like the definition and adherence of programming guidelines, annotation, structuring, modularisation, reuse and the proper documentation of codes.

(Agile) Quality Factory

No matter if it’s called Quality Factory, Test Factory or Managed Services, for different reasons like cost savings, focus on core business, improved quality and time to market, they all have the goal to outsource software quality assurance into competent hands.

All incoming tasks in line with quality assurance like the determination and documentation of information and requirements, but also the execution of structured testings, test strategies and test reports are part of classic and agile software development methods.

In our agile quality factory, we offer the execution and handling of the complete agile unit (E2E). We’re specialized to become acquainted with existing structures, to adjust to them and to work together with other agile and hybrid teams/structures effectively and efficiently.

Our goal is the adherence and the realization of concerted quality standards in the form of SLAs. Our motto is: “What can not be measured, can not be managed”. Correspondent to this motto, we seek to modulate and to implement KPIs together with all the relevant stakeholders. In the agile world real time KPIs, formatted in dashboards, are extremely meaningful in order to react fast.

In these processes, we use our extensive and long standing experience concerning build-up and launch of test factories. Combined with our knowledge about test management and test automation tools (like HP, ALM, Jira, Selenium, Sikuli, SeeTest, JMeter or Appium), we are verifiable able to continuously realize a process of optimization.

Our experienced test automation architects and test atomizers rate the possibilities of the automation of requirements and test cases early and prioritize them in coordination with the stakeholders. It’s our goal to achieve a high rate of automation and a deeper insight in the software quality in order to take action in a purposeful and sustainable way.

Our clients are being informed about the current state of affairs regarding test case coverage and the extent and criticality of defects via tool based reports.

Big data Analytics

Big Data Analytics represents a technology leap in data analytics and data processing. Large amounts of data are gathered, analysed and used to gain new insights that help businesses grow. The impact of the possibilities leveraging this big data is of unimaginable scale. The credo “Data is the new oil”, is already widely spread and recognised not without a right reason to it. All kinds of gathered data currently is already in use by the online giants such as Google, Facebook, Netflix or Amazon and the likes. Not only as a sort of currency, but foremost it is fuelling their state of the art business models. Through collection and analysis of huge amounts of information generated by end-users, one can accurately assess what the users are looking for. The recommendation systems (i.e. for movies and similar) have been around for years, but the accuracy of recommendations have never been better – thank to Big Data Analytics. The data allows to sell tailored advertising services or, with right algorithms, translate the data into complete and accurate profile of one user’s most probable buying behaviour or even politic beliefs and psychologic profile.

Big Data is not just important to large or global companies, it’s important to business of any size. We are glad to see customers in conservative markets turning to the potential of Big Data and are happy to support their needs. Nevertheless, all the Artificial Intelligence advance would simply not be possible without the Big Data technology, just as without qualitative approach to data processing Big Data would not give us any useful insights.

Our Big Data analysts and experts in this field are ready to help you find the best approach for your business needs and setup the proper architecture fulfilling your requirements and the goal. However, as well as mastering the discipline of data analysis and processing, one must ensure that the data is appropriate in the context of existing business processes and digital business scenarios. This is a serious challenge that has to be tackled not only with know-how, but also with one eye kept on the quality. Big Data is much more than only technology and infrastructure, it includes many actors, organisational structures, use cases and processes, all that has to be included in order evaluate the larger data volumes and the given context. As a result, our goal is to help your business achieve success through Big Data.



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