The finance transformation

Across the globe financial institutions have a ‘digital-transformation driven’ need to create their digital alter ego’s. Competition is arising and reputations are at stake, we live in very dynamic financial times. And all that driven and enabled by IT. Revolutionary changes of customer demands force to move quickly. Banks are increasingly aware that digital transformation directly influences their top and bottom line. In banking, unchanged, reputation and trust are key. This translates into seamless digital applications and correct and secure data.

Digital transformation was long hold back in the insurance sector. But today exceptional competitive and changing market makes insurers catch up the digital transformation of their businesses. Developing digital twins, new products and new ways to take care of and manage customers. Evolving technologies enable insurers to reduce operational costs and improve their bottom line. To address just that, the Starkkraft technologies services are mainly recognized for supporting the Quality Assurance of banking and insurance functionalities and the Insurance QA Engineering Teams utilise its specialised solutions and methodologies for ensuring Quality Assurance.


About Starkkraft

‚Having chosen Frankfurt as Starkkraft technologies headquarters in Germany is a decision of strategic relevance. Our amassed finance industry experience and profound expertise in this sectors‘ quality engineering and software testing, developed into proven tailored QA and business consultancy solutions. Combined with he individual in-depth experiences of our consultants and experts, Starkkraft has become a trusted partner for companies in the banking and insurance market. Where better than to offer these to the market than in Frankfurt am Main. The rising finance capital of Europe.

 Our Finance team leverages our proven building blocks to create specific and tailor made banking and insurance solutions. They understand the financial sector business processes and have vast experience in streamlining, executing and optimising QA processes under pressure.

Starkkraft has a vast project experience in the Finance sector and offers QA services based on a thorough understanding of the legislative demands across all areas of the Insurance business sector.‘