Innovative Fin-Tech solution for Commerzbank

Commerzbank is a leading international commercial bank with branches and offices in almost 50 countries. Commerzbank finances approximately 30% of Germany’s foreign trade and is leasing in financing for corporate clients in Germany.

Commerzbank’s goal was to enable in production an innovative solution from one of the European’s Fintech’s. The system provides the possibility to extract data from physical documents and recognise patterns in sets of documents.


The challenge:

Our part of the challenge was to setup the complete test management and all conduct the right test execution based on the agreed quality strategy, environment is a highly volatile project with w MVP principle’s system to be introduced to a legacy, conservative environment. Additionally, the organisational structure was undergoing a change moving from a Waterfall model to Agile/Scrum. The test strategy and structure had to fit the organisational change in progress, the high volatility of the requirements and the project’s team. It also had to deliver within an extremely limited time to market. Within the short project’s life cycle the MVP product had to be adjusted to the Bank’s requirements and SLAs and KPI’s; tested in an appropriate manner, securing the highest quality possible and rolled-out into production according to the original project plan. While working on the pilot version of the MVP system, a whole test automation strategy had to be planed, conceptually prepared and executed. On a separate track the same activities had to be prepared in order to secure the right approach and quality for the soon-planned version 2 of the system.


The technology:

The system is a web-based application that uses OCR technology and Machine Learning to constantly improve document’s recognition, perform automated checks (i.e. Trade Corridor checks, FATF checks, High-Risk Goods checks, Dual Use Goods checks, Shell company checks, and more) recognise patterns and produce correct flag deviations. The system is a E2E system, where the user has a fixed workflow to follow, enabling the bank to control the flow and its process.


The technology behind the project:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle DB
  • RabbitMQ
  • Apache Lucene
  • In-house Python solution for Big Data Analytics
  • CoDOKA


The solution:

All activities around setting up the test management process were setup based on the principles of the Kanban lean method. The test strategy was setup in a product-oriented way, where most of the test activities was use-case and business-case focused. This with very limited focus on the technicalities, which was only possible due to early and tight involvement of the stakeholders and business executives.

Test automation strategy is focused on a universal outcome and therefore programming had to be language’s independent. The Bank’s goal was to make it also accessible and understandable to the business owners. This is why the tool and framework had to be chosen very carefully, with tight involvement of the business owners. The test automation project structure was setup including the strategy decision, processes, acceptance and exception’s handling.