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Ambitious and talented people spend a great deal of their time at work.  Travelling, long working days and sometimes even nights. Away from home and their loved ones. All this out of passion and ambition, the will to make a difference, to be relevant…

Contrarily to our career, in doing business we make sure to execute out of valid business plans. We secure an effective and efficient approach and track progress, planning mitigation actions even before incidents happen. And we go all the way to make it happen, for our team, for our bosses and for our company. We motivate our environment internally and externally , we escalate timely and make extra hours. All to outperform the planned ROI.

How different is this when we look at the individual approaches towards careers. The accomplishment of our dreams and ambitions. Our plans to make a difference, our proudness and to become or maintaining relevancy…

This is where a career at Starkkraft varies very much from a career at a both global IT service player or at local party. Caring for our employees and their development is as important as the care for our customers. These are the two main objectives.

Our Human Care departments career acceleration program is there to help you structurally in building your career. This is a key performance indicator for us. We believe that spending so much of your time at Starkkraft must pay off career wise. Its that simple, we make your career our responsibility and target!

Amongst our 4 strategic company objectives, you find ‘Career Acceleration’. For Starkkraft your career is serious business. Your well being is as important as our customer satisfaction. Both of them are intwined.  In the end, your job is what connects us, and the success of your career is what we make of it together.

We care and we take care!

Starkkraft’s ‘career acceleration’ program

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The technology sector is one of the most innovative and ever faster changing sectors, having unprecedented influence on almost if not all business domains. There are constant emerging technologies and IT trends to keep abreast of which can take hold with lightening pace. Business and consumer awareness increases significantly, which has demystified much of the technological advances of recent years – something that today’s younger generations will enhance further…

Starkkraft’s Digital QA and Tech

Starkkraft technologies offers a focused range of specialised Quality Assurance and Technology services and solutions, specialised in and around Quality Assurance and business consultancy, we strengthen you in achieving your business goals. From standardised engagement models to industry and business-process specific tailored Quality Assurance up to simply providing top class Testing Engineers locally out of Frankfurt. We combine the industries most relevant current tools and methodologies leveraged by the world’s most talented quality automation experts, business consultants and testers, allowing us to exceed your expectations by providing high quality at low cost.

IT-project management

True mastering of IT project management is, amongst others, one of the most important success factors for the overall project. In this, as well as in the project manager himself, you find a variety of different methodical disciplines combined as soft skills – regardless of whether in the classical or agile sense. The key to success is the assurance or fulfillments of the pre-agreed prerequisites and requirements of quality, time and costs, the magic triangle.

Starkkraft is recognised as a modern and dynamic company with highly experienced project managers whit broad experiences across business domains and sectors. We fully understand the difference between operational and coordinative project manager activities and are well aware of the extremely responsibility and cruciality that comes with the role.  Our Starkkraft consultants are familiar with the current and professional project management methods such as PRINCE2[1], PMBoK[2] or CPPM[3] and also have understanding of several sector specific PM methods. The creation of GANTT diagrams, strategies and control of sub-projects are also part of our repertoire. Also they’ll set up and operate all relevant administration and reporting structures, so that the measurement and precise statement on the project’s situation can be generated at any time with the help of tools. Our customers are offered a combination of state of the art, current methodology and profound experience to implement a fast, solid and above all sustainable solution, even or especially for dynamic projects.

Here are some examples of project manager activities:

  • Create a project-planning to meet critical milestones and deadlines;
  • Monitoring the development and implementation process;
  • Coordination of product development and rollout;
  • Measurement and control of subcontractors in compliance with previously defined SLAs;
  • Ensuring project acceptance and development of the maintenance concept;
  • Monitor and guide your projects in the standard phases: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring, Closing;
  • Identification, mitigation and reduction of project and systematic risks.

Starkkraft is aware of the constant digital transformation and of the resulting global competition for successful IT services. At Starkkraft, you will have consultants with successful experience in managing teams in on-, near- and offshore as well as external developer and tester teams.

We want to ensure that your project is successfully set up, executed and completed with the specific project objectives in mind and at least in line with your company’s time, cost and quality objectives. Needles to say that we always aim to exceed expectations.

[1] Project in Controlled Environments – APM Group

[2] Project Management Body of Knowledge  – PMI

[3] CPPM = Certified Professional for Project Management – ASQF®

Business Consulting

For us, business consulting means much more than just providing the contractually agreed services. With broad and extensive cross-functional knowledge and experience, our consultants help you master your challenges by reassessing and rethinking information from diverse sources. Thinking outside the box is not just a slogan for us, but how we actually create added value for our customers in order to positively influence their business performance.

Please take a look at our portfolio to learn more about our core values and services.

Java & Python Development

Java is the second most common programming language in the world and is mainly used on the Internet, but also for games and multimedia applications. It is also one of the most widely used computer languages for mobile phones and serves as the basis for the software development of various programs. Java uses its own interpreter, the Java Virtual Machine, for execution and is therefore completely platform-independent.

Please take a look at our portfolio to learn more about our core values and services.



Job of the Month

JAVA Developer

Join Starkkraft technologies if you also strongly believe in the use of technology to create a better world; If you want to boost your career, outperform in the eyes of your client and if you are as socialy enngaged as us: Starkkraft technologies just might be the right place for you.

Quality Assurance Test Manager

Team up and lead quality assurance and testing teams in various customer programs… rock star style;

Senior Business Consultant

Our Business Consultancy department is looking for an experienced Business Consultant to join the exciting world of Starkkraft technologies.

Quality Automation Engineer – Load and Performance specialist

Team up with the automation team and lead last and performance in various customer projects… rock star style

Quality Automation Engineer

Team up and lead quality automation teams in various customer projects… rock star style;

Digital Test Engineer

Team up with our Frankfurt based Quality Assurance Tribe of 25 people who all share your passion for IT quality… rock star style

Senior Sales Manager

Our Business Development department is looking for an Senior Sales Manager to join the exciting world of Starkkraft technologies.


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