Java is the second most common programming language in the world and is mainly used on the Internet, but also for games and multimedia applications. It is also one of the most widely used computer languages for mobile phones and serves as the basis for the software development of various programs. Java uses its own interpreter, the Java Virtual Machine, for execution and is therefore completely platform-independent.

The program should be able to run on any computer architecture without further changes if a suitable runtime environment is installed there. Oracle itself offers runtime environments for the operating systems Linux, macOS, Solaris and Windows. Other manufacturers have their own Java runtime environments certified for their platform. Java is also used in cars, HiFi systems and other electronic devices.

In this time of digital change across business sectors, the availability and quality of Java developers, closely related to Python, can be a major factor that speeds up the speed of releases, driving the associated competitiveness, or on the other hand, the lack of it can lead to reduced speed to market.

Starkkraft technologies has recognized this business relevance and has been building a pool of Java and Python developers with specific knowledge in dedicated relevant sectors. The Starkkraft technologies In-house Learning Program ‘ORBIT’, includes a complete Java & Python training and specialization



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JAVA Developer

Join Starkkraft technologies if you also strongly believe in the use of technology to create a better world; If you want to boost your career, outperform in the eyes of your client and if you are as socialy enngaged as us: Starkkraft technologies just might be the right place for you.

Quality Assurance Test Manager

Team up and lead quality assurance and testing teams in various customer programs… rock star style;

Senior Business Consultant

Our Business Consultancy department is looking for an experienced Business Consultant to join the exciting world of Starkkraft technologies.

Quality Automation Engineer – Load and Performance specialist

Team up with the automation team and lead last and performance in various customer projects… rock star style

Quality Automation Engineer

Team up and lead quality automation teams in various customer projects… rock star style;

Digital Test Engineer

Team up with our Frankfurt based Quality Assurance Tribe of 25 people who all share your passion for IT quality… rock star style

Senior Sales Manager

Our Business Development department is looking for an Senior Sales Manager to join the exciting world of Starkkraft technologies.

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