For us, business consulting means much more than just providing the contractually agreed services. With broad and extensive cross-functional knowledge and experience, our consultants help you master your challenges by reassessing and rethinking information from diverse sources. Thinking outside the box is not just a slogan for us, but how we actually create added value for our customers in order to positively influence their business performance.

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Business Consulting

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Business Consulting

What is Business Consulting?

Business Consulting as a service is designed to address and solve problems as a general subject. One might say that working as a Business Consultant means to have a dynamic career of a professional problem solver, especially since you will never approach the same issue, every single project is a new challenge with completely different parameters as the other one.

Client problems will vary and each one has a different setup that has to be considered to deliver a meaningful answer, addition to the business or only an analysis of a subject or process. At Starkkraft were working primarily with known and established processes, methods and approaches either to analyze your situation properly and asses possible solutions, but blindly following the book won’t maximize the outcome by itself, this is why all activities we propose are already well seasoned by our experience gathered within several industries to deliver the best suited solution for customer’s challenges.


How to understand the role of business consultancy?

The role of business consultancy is to coach and recommend on the strategy, there is no issue to complex to engage. The discipline of Business Consultancy is fitting perfectly with Business Analysis in which the one supports the other and enables its activities. Among Starkkraft experts you will find both: generalists – who can help you with strategy or high-level technology decisions or carry out needed analysis and implement process improvement; and specialists – who are deeply specialized on implementation of anticipated technology. Both roles, extremely important, in their scope have your business aims and targets. In other words – we are helping businesses to take a step ahead in the right direction to get from the current position to where they want to be tomorrow.


How can we support your business?

There are several most common reasons where companies hire Business Consultants, you might find yourself struggling with similar long-term and short-term problems:

  • Lack of in-house expertise or not addressing occurring problems with desired regularity
  • Limited bandwidth due to operational matters
  • Independent view desired
  • Bringing another perspective to your customers or 3rd party
  • Issues arisen due to a Change and no internal resources to be assigned to follow

Quality Management

Starkkraft’s service portfolio is build around quality enriching services, business analysis and business consulting overarching all  business levels. Always keeping in mind to deliver the right quality on each of the specific levels we are working on: might it be management consulting for C-level or for instance managing a project in the demanding area of Test Management, Quality Management is a key aspect to secure successful and timely outcomes..

Each team member, working in a structured IT-project or product’s development  endeavor,  is an important piece belonging to a bigger mechanism, similar to clockwork – where each part has its significant smaller part and by that it’s allowing value and meaning to the whole. If one part fails, the overall outcome won’t be as expected, or in best case – will need constant attention and adjustments. This is the reason, why we cannot stress enough how important it is to have a clear view on the bigger picture and a constant control over the overarching process. Your organization can achieve that by working with our experienced Quality Managers. They are seasoned and considered specialists in the business processes of major business domains and eager to prove their value and relevance.

Starkkraft’s Quality Management service is concerned with continuous monitoring and advising on the performance and the quality, producing quality metrics and reports, as well as measuring against standards. First step to improve the performance of your business or processes is always to correctly recognize and analyze them. Only then, when a deep understanding of your process is set, one can truly advise and implement change and improvements. At Starkkraft we understand that proper Quality Management is a very important matter that can be only enabled with a partnership approach based on mutual trust and continuous refinement of the requirements and expectations.

Business Analysis

What is Business Analysis and how can it support my business?

Business Analysts working together with Business Consultants are making the picture complete, the picture in which both stick to their designed roles. Business Consultants are expected to work primarily on developing a conception for a strategy, as well as executing parts of project’s or strategy’s initiation phase.

Business Analysts tend to enter the process slightly further – although starting already within the initiation phase, they get up-to-speed in the execution. They enter the process as the experts who will liaise between business and technology stakeholders, as well as external consultants. Acting within requirements management, they will execute all phases of requirement’s lifecycle, at first extracting the needs from the business owners and translating them into a set of requirements and goals for a software or product development team and will act as a negotiator between these two. They will help to achieve your organisation’s goal no less than Business Consultant setting up the strategy.


What is the scope of Business Analysis?

The scope of Business Analysis might be summarised in a set of sentences:

  • Project and stakeholder planning
  • Clarifying project’s scope and feasibility
  • Executing workshops and interviews
  • Capturing, recording, tracking and communicating project requirements
  • Analysis of the problem and the solution

Each of Starkkraft Business Analysts will find themself executing at least one of above supporting your goals.

Requirements Management

General Software and Product development life cycle experience shows that significant part of the ‘post-go-live’’ problems might have been clarified and dealt with long before the software or product was even build. Most of it already in the conception and design phase.  Time invested in proper research, interviews during the capture and discovery phase, and requirements analysis might sometimes be seen as to extensive. Nonetheless, the resources involved in well managed and executed requirements management process will generate substantial more savings – by identification of possible bottle-necks and dead-ends in early stages of the process.

Our rich and vast experience won in the area of software and product quality shows clearly that large amount of critical defects can be traced to wrongly captured requirements and business owner’s needs. We are working by several industry standards making use of a number of methods and approaches, combining them to work the best in complex environment of your specific business domain.

Proper software or product specification contains not only clear requirements, but a number or other information useful in your development process. While eliciting your need for your product we are able to capture more of your vision, after a successful project initiation, you will have a broad documentation of not only technical and functional requirements, but your team will be understand more of:

  • the project objectives more clear;
  • what will be the project audience ;
  • in what kind of structure is the product emerging: possible interfaces, dependencies;
  • what should be your product’s behavior: clear description of the intended interactionbetween the component or the UX view;
  • clearly identified project milestones;

one view on deployment requirements: possible 3rd party component, runtime requirements or other environmental setup;


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