Global challenges… why planting trees?

There are several mayor global challenges which all deserve and need our support and attention. Out of all these we decided in favour of supporting the planting of trees in areas where this is needed most. There are many reasons behind this specific choice:

Planting trees has a direct impact on:

  • carbon reduction
  • restoring forests
  • improving wildlife habitats
  • upgrading water catchment areas
  • offer flowers, fruit fodder and fuel for local communities and all living creatures
  • creates many healthy low-skill jobs
  • provides benefit to current and future generations
  • has a direct impact

What do we do?

Our speciality is delivering state of the art IT consultancy and services, not planting trees. Also we are situated in western Europe which is not directly the most urgent place on earth where the benefit of planting trees hs the broadest impact. Hence, to increase the value and impact of our initiative and in order to obtain the needed global reach, we have connected to a specialist partner: Plant-for-the-Planet. Based out of Germany and run by children, for many years Plant-for-the-Planet runs successful tree planting programs supported by the Indian government. The tree planting projects and initiatives take place across the globe. Areas that are heavily under pressure by deforestation and where there is much to gain. We sympathise with the operating model and local impact of Plant-for-the-Planet and believe there is much value in supporting this.

To fuel this partnership and secure impact, we have created a incentive structure in our company to which all employees, customers and partners can contribute. Thus, Planting trees is becoming a true part of our company culture and we are thankful that we can contribute!